The Complete Book of Flea Control, How to Control Fleas With or Without Insecticides is now in its seventh edition. It is available for purchase through Amazon.  Here’s a brief overview of its contents:


You’ll find detailed information describing non-insecticidal techniques and materials in the chapter entitled: “Flea Control Techniques That Do Not Use Insecticides” that are practical, effective and easy to use.  As some of you have undoubtedly discovered, there are many flea control techniques that are reported to be effective by others, but do not work because fleas are tenacious survivors and are not effectively repelled by many so-called natural insect repellants.  This book will tell you what techniques and materials that do not use insecticides are practical, effective and actually work!


Having said the above, the proper use of insecticides with very low toxicity to mammals is relatively safe and can make flea control much easier to implement.  Detailed information about all insecticidal products is included in the chapter entitled: “Flea Control Techniques that Use Insecticides.”  Although the introduction of topical solutions and oral products has made the job of flea control much easier than using other forms of insecticidal products, the information in this book will provide insight into how different products compare in categories of effectiveness and safety so you can make informed decisions on particular products.  In addition, there may be times when you confront a major flea infestation in your home (whether you have pets or not) and want to consider using more potent materials than topical solutions, such as fogger devices and sprays, and this book provides detailed information about these products as well. 


As such, we’ve designed this booklet so you have the information necessary to decide which techniques and materials are best for you, your animal and your particular environmental situation.  Often, it’s best to use a mixture of techniques and materials to minimize the use of insecticides while getting control of a flea infestation.


In other words, we’re not exaggerating when we call our book “The Complete Book of Flea Control.”  IT REALLY IS!!