I have fleas in my home but don’t have pets and I don’t want to use insecticides! What do I do?


Kristin Pascal


Every year I receive several requests for information from folks who have a flea infestation but do not own pets.  And often they don’t want to use insecticides.  Most of them are probably bringing fleas into their homes from pets in the neighborhood.  If you don’t want to use insecticides, here are two of the suggestions for flea control inside a home we describe in our book:


1) Vacuum your carpeted areas completely every day, but do it TWICE.  During tests, we found that the first vacuuming causes fleas to hatch from eggs and “climb” up to the surface of carpets.  It’s really the second vacuuming that catches most of the fleas.  There are many different styles of vacuums today so be aware that the fleas will be alive inside your vacuum storage container when you dispose of the vacuum contents.


2)Buy or build a lighted flea trap.  You’ll need one trap per room or just move it around to different rooms after a night of use.  Of course, the lighted traps only work at night!!


The purchased traps work by illuminating a sticky card that traps fleas and other insects attracted to the light.  Traps must be plugged into an electrical outlet and use a nightlight or Christmas-style light that uses between 4 and 7 watts.  We’ve found that white lights generally work best. You can walk through the room where the trap is located periodically in order to cause fleas to be active.  After you leave the room, the trap will look pretty good to the fleas in search of a host.  You will have to buy sticky cards periodically as insects get attached to the cards but this shouldn’t be a major expense.


The “Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap” is one that works, is inexpensive and sold at Amazon. 


And to extra sticky cards Victor M231 Ultimate Flea Trap Refills, 3-Pack –


You can also build a flea trap by using a small desk lamp or nightlight.  Place a shallow dish of water (about ½ inch or so) with Dawn dishwashing detergent in it.  The detergent cuts the surface tension of the water so fleas can’t “trampoline” across the surface.


Those are two good ways to catch fleas without using insecticides especially if you don’t own pets in your home.  Of course, there are other methods as described in The Complete Book of Flea Control!!